Odrin men’s wear opened up their first shop last year in 44 Stanley and I was lucky enough to be a part of the process. The Odrin brand, is concise, clean and neat so the interior needed to fit the bill. The space needed a serious re-vamp, we scrubbed and stripped the place down to the bones and smoothed things out with a new black and white skin….

The minimal and functional furnishings are bespoke and were designed to fulfill purpose first and exude style second. I worked with a palette of textures, powder coated steel, grey glass & oiled Oak.

Simple details, like the curved of floating mirrors, indicate how all things have been considered. It’s this sense of attention that is synonymous with Taire’s brand. The wall unit is made so that all shelves and rails are interchangeable, and is (if I do say so myself) exquisite. Our approach was quality over quantity – and the result is simple success….

Now go and shop boys!

Photography by Astrid Kelli Kingsley


Odrin 2016_AH






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