ho·lis·tic   /   hoˈlistik   adjective   philosophy: 
characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
“When I developed Metaphor in 2012 I had an inkling of the direction that I wanted to take, everyday the picture gets clearer. Whenever a client tells me how happy he is to come home it comes into focus a little. As I watch each bespoke piece of furniture being crafted from my sketch into real life, my perspective is fine tuned.
I love what I do.
But I also believe in using my power as designer to make choices that are both economically and environmentally beneficial.
My job is to create spaces for you that are not only mind-numbingly gorgeous, but practical, comfortable and sustainable.
In South Africa we are blessed with an abundance local materials as well as a wealth of highly experienced craftsman.
Every day South Africans actively put their blinkers on and head blindly into chain retailers to purchase low quality, mass produced, toxic, carbon laden exported furniture items.
This is crazy!
Imagine you could get better value for money by investing in healthier, personalized furniture that would last you years and stimulate local economy at the same time!

The name “Metaphor” comes from my idea that your home (or office, shop or fairy garden) should reflect who you are. I take into account client specific requirements.

I love that each project opens up opportunities for new design solutions and that each client’s personality brings forward a new aesthetic to be incorporated into the space.

My formal education is in Fine Art (BAFAH Michaelis School, UCT) 2006 but I have been working as an interior design since then and have learned through experience.

I work on projects of shapes and sizes, please refer to my portfolio for further insight into Metaphor interior design previous projects.”


-Lane Reeves